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Hello and welcome to the workshop page. We are now offering bespoke workshops, giving the fun of making a Paper Cinema over to many people young and old….

The workshops usually run for two to four hours and with a capacity for  around 30 people. Your adventure will begin with a drawing game. Then, working in small groups, you will devise a short story and make your own Paper Cinema, even down to the sound effects. A live musical score will also be created for your new show. At the end of the workshop a collaborative show will be performed for everyone to enjoy.

We have delivered our workshops at festivals, art galleries, colleges and schools.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, or would like more information, please contact us.

Paper Cinema at The Purbeck School

We had this really positive feedback from a 2 Day workshop we did with Mrs Allum at Purbeck School, which we thought would be good to share with you.

The Purbeck School is building cross curricula links between the Drama and Art departments. Inspired by the varied disciplines used by Paper Cinema we knew they would be ideal to excite our students with performance, drawing, music and sound effects. Over 2 days a total of 64 Yr9 students worked with Nic Beard and his team to create original ‘puppet shows’ inspired by the captivating work of the artists. Nic enthusiastically guided our students to use paint and brushes expressively, invent original characters and think creatively about their own stories. Having the additional support of Caroline, Ed and Chris meant we could offer a distinct drama aspect and vividly bring the students work to life with superb sound effects and music.
Having Paper Cinema in school brought with it infectious excitement and unexpected benefits. We expanded the opportunities we offer to in our Art department by introducing film making to A’ level art students. They filmed the activities and will learn to edit and add soundtrack. We celebrated the students’ hard work by inviting all the Yr9 students to watch the final performances. There is nothing more confirming and rewarding to KS3 students than the wild applause of their peers!

Student feedback:

I thought the Paper Cinema workshop was:
Very creative and hours of fun
Very good it taught me to draw!
Great! It was really interactive fun
Brilliant, enjoyable and skill building
It was really fun and I know much more about art and how to make proper cinema
Amazing! I learnt loads
Fun and different to what we normally do
Very enjoyable, I really liked it. I would gladly do it again
Different, strange, hard but fun and good
Ok, but we could have made better things if we had more time

Today I learnt that:
New drama actions and movements to make our performance more exciting
I am more imaginative than I thought
Drawing expands the mind
Hard work pays off
I am not as bad at drawing as I thought I was
Art and Drama work well together
How to draw out of nothing

I most enjoyed:
When we scribbled on a bit of paper and make it into something else
Doing things like this; it’s very creative
Watching the final product
Working in a group and drawing
Writing the story and making the sound effects
Using the puppets in front of the camera


2 Responses to “workshops”

  1. Hello, I am very interested in your workshops and wondered whether this was something that you could do for an 8th birthday party with around 20 children? We would be looking at around 15th January 2011? Best regards Jo

  2. Giles richardson Says:

    I have heard about your workshops and would like to organise a visit to our school.

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