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11th june – kings place shows

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workshop and rock charmer
Wow!!! strange, two months without a gig – this has been the quietest we have been in the gig front since 2004, we have been hiding way building for the summer. So last week was great to get stuck into three day of rehearsals of ‘Rock Charmer’ ready for kings place this saturday.


Rock charmer

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Rock charmer comes to london.

Sunday 30 jan 2011


BOX OFFICE: 020 7908 9696

The Rock Charmer (40 minutes)

Round pillars of the old quarry, an old man wanders scratching at the mysteries of the rocks… calling… what have they seen, what are they, what makes them, what stories can be told by these weather blown sentinels? Unwrap geological time, explore the layers of the rock.

Music By Little Boat and Ed Dowie

Also with Night Flyer.

Rock Charmer

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Please find a link here to the blog site for inside out’ festival that we made  ‘rock charmer’ bespoke for the site – Winspit on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset – Some very good photos by Ben Osborne —-  great to see pictures coming to light of this show. Now we are touring the rock charmer show – and don’t have room in the paper cinema pantechnicon, for seventeen driftwood dinosaurs and their birdies, five mansized Zoetrops with the ten foot tall angle poses that go with them, and 300 parafin lamps, these photos maybe the only way other people can see the whole effect. it would be good to see if we could get everything together again. Since the show in september the dinosaurs have been on a mini tour of schools themselves – at the moment in the foyer of Purbeck School in Wareham. I would really look forward to doing more driftwood or recycled material shadow ceature workshops..I have no idea where the zoetrops are but i hear they are up for hire !!!

Two days at the Yorkshire sculpture Park 11th & 12th Dec

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We are back up to the place where moores, moorhens, turrell, teal, caro and canada geese hang out.

Back at the Yorkshire Scuplture Park



the Premiere of the score

By Little Boat and Ed Dowie




*Originally created for the Inside out Festival,

with music by Kimmo Pohjonnen