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Great Review in the Scotsman

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2011 by nicbeard

The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey **** Sally Stott, The Scotsman

A scratch performance of Paper Cinema’s The Odyssey offers a chance to have a rest from all the interaction and just sit back and watch a very well put together cut-out paper puppet version of Homer’s epic adventure. It’s an interesting fusion of live performance (impressively delivered by a team of three manning numerous cut-out puppets and props) and a projector that enables us to watch as if it’s a film at the cinema.

Nicolas Rawling’s energetically scrawled puppets are full of life and some excellent uses of perspective – that make the characters and scenes feel as if they’re being “filmed” in both close-ups and long-shots – make a one-dimensional art form, viewed on a flat screen, feel full of depth and perspective.

Accompanying the performance is a live band, which is squashed, along with us, the puppeteers and projector, in to what is a very small room for such a piece. With a musical saw, viola, assorted keys and birdbox guitar, they form an atmospheric accompaniment for one man’s journey – conveyed with no dialogue – as he attempts to get home to his family. The Cyclops, raging storms and thoughts of home that pass through our hero’s head are beautifully illustrated through ever-moving images, bringing the story’s excitement to life in a way that makes you remember just how good it is.