Ishihara 14

It has been a while since one of these gents play my kitchen

adorned in a lobster, liner paper and felt-tips at his feet.


23rd November

Queen of hoxton


The 14th exhibition in the Ishihara series will see the unveiling of new wall murals throughout the Queen of Hoxton from both Ishihara favorites and newcomers. The venues new decor will be accompanied on the opening night with one of Ishihara’s usual temporal, fleeting exhibitions, which in turn will be complimented by live music & performance.

Jake Ambridge | Bram Arnold | Adam Batchelour | Roy Brown | David Callow | Greg Eason | Tom Hakney | Ibiza Sunrise | Jason Kerley | Landfilll editions | Adam Lewis-Jacob | Sarah Langford | Fergus McDonald | Joel Muggleton | Panther Club | the Paper Cinema | Kevin Scully | Lindsay Macmillan | Marcello Velho | Utrophia | Yaaard | Young Athletes League
+more tba



One Response to “Ishihara 14”

  1. Katie Moritz Says:

    Hi there,

    What time are you on?


    Katie (one of your biggest fans! Always try and make your performances.)

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