Big Screens with the Barbican

suit the suitors

We are bringing Lost world, Nightflyer,
and a little trailer of the Odyssey to The Barbican. Wow, they have a big screen! This is going to be fun… we have been playing around with some extra sequences for this show. Also we’re looking into live sound effects…. really fun! In addition is the ever popular workshops, the chance for us to see what you do when you get you hands in.
live music by Chris ‘Littleboat’
and Ed Dowie, performed by Imogen Charleston
and Nic Beard.

It’s going to be massive.
Part of “animate the world”


2 Responses to “Big Screens with the Barbican”

  1. Rebecca Burgess Says:

    Wow lucky you, the Barbican is a great place, saw an opera there once!

    Looking at your coming forth gigs I think I’m gonna try go see you at Tate Britain in August 🙂

  2. Great website. Exciting things. Fantastic. xx

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