The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey

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Raging storms and supernatural forces prevail over one man’s almighty quest to get home. Immerse yourself in a journey through the high seas, soak up the adventure and encounter danger and exhilaration.
Homer’s cornerstone of literature is vividly told with beautiful illustration and masterful puppetry. Cinematic projection and cunning tricks transform a suitcase full of cut-out paper puppets into an array of living characters and striking landscapes. A silent film is created before your eyes, set to a captivating live score from exceptional musicians.

‘A wild journey into live animation’ The Guardian

‘Spellbinding’ Time Out (on Paper Cinema’s Rock Charmer)

A Paper Cinema and BAC co-production Battersea Arts Centre -February 02 – February 25, 2012


£15, £10 concs
(£8 previews)

Click here for more information and to book tickets

The Rock Charmer in Bristol

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A very happy return for us to The Cube. This will be our first time performing ‘The Rock Charmer’ in Bristol, big thanks to the lovely people at Ausform for bringing us back to The Cube. The piece was developed in 2010 for a special event where we projected images onto 100 foot sea cliffs at Worth Matravers in Dorset…

…Round pillars of the old quarry, an old man wanders scratching at the mysteries of the rocks… calling… what have they seen, what are they, what makes them, what stories can be told by these weather blown sentinels? Unwrap geological time, explore the layers of the rock. Music by Chris Littleboat and Ed Dowie.

Developed with support from Inside Out Dorset.

Tickets available here

The Cube Cinema

The Odyssey at BAC

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A long summer with little posts

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The Paper cinema has had a long running around summer ,

with great news and great results – a lot of making – both the

Odyssey and the illustrated talks (more of both later), hopefully

as the short winter nights draw in we will full you in on our

adventures and news. Hoping like us you have had a busy summer

and wish to digest what went on. Just as a start here

is a link to some nice people we met in a field at the end of the road festival.

They have a company called zinc white which makes very beautiful

things from recycled materials.. their use of waste  coloured pencils

are wonderful.

Great Review in the Scotsman

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The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey **** Sally Stott, The Scotsman

A scratch performance of Paper Cinema’s The Odyssey offers a chance to have a rest from all the interaction and just sit back and watch a very well put together cut-out paper puppet version of Homer’s epic adventure. It’s an interesting fusion of live performance (impressively delivered by a team of three manning numerous cut-out puppets and props) and a projector that enables us to watch as if it’s a film at the cinema.

Nicolas Rawling’s energetically scrawled puppets are full of life and some excellent uses of perspective – that make the characters and scenes feel as if they’re being “filmed” in both close-ups and long-shots – make a one-dimensional art form, viewed on a flat screen, feel full of depth and perspective.

Accompanying the performance is a live band, which is squashed, along with us, the puppeteers and projector, in to what is a very small room for such a piece. With a musical saw, viola, assorted keys and birdbox guitar, they form an atmospheric accompaniment for one man’s journey – conveyed with no dialogue – as he attempts to get home to his family. The Cyclops, raging storms and thoughts of home that pass through our hero’s head are beautifully illustrated through ever-moving images, bringing the story’s excitement to life in a way that makes you remember just how good it is.

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11th june – kings place shows

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workshop and rock charmer
Wow!!! strange, two months without a gig – this has been the quietest we have been in the gig front since 2004, we have been hiding way building for the summer. So last week was great to get stuck into three day of rehearsals of ‘Rock Charmer’ ready for kings place this saturday.